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good internal controls

The company’s management is responsible for establishing the internal controls and the environment in which the controls will operate correctly and efficiently. Balancing the need for good internal controls with the need for efficient operation is one of the most important tasks of senior management. How authority and responsibility are assigned and how the staff is trained will determine whether an internal control system is a...

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Supplier diversity programs tips strategies

5 Tips for improving your supplier diversity programs Supplier diversity programs are fast becoming a necessity in Enterprise businesses. It almost comes without saying that if you want to ensure competitiveness and a high-level of adaptability to the changing circumstances within all demanding markets, each and any business entity regardless of its shape or size is required to invest in new ways to improve their supplier...

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Vendor Relationships

Vendor relationships can be reliable, and long-lasting but make no mistake; they can take effort. Establishing a partnership, of any kind, always has challenging moments. When it comes to your vendors, this is especially true. 5 Tips for Building Successful Vendor Relationships Vendor Relationships require that two different organizations, sometimes a world apart, put aside their objectives and walk down the thorny road of business, hand-in-hand. Also,...

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Vendor Master Management Tips

7 Vendor Master Management Success Tips Vendor Master Management strategies are what makes it possible for you to create a strong and mutually beneficial relationships with your service providers and suppliers. That’s why it’s completely wrong and unjust to say that vendor management is nothing more than a couple of negotiations aiming to win the lowest price possible for your business. Vendor master management offers so...

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Vendor Master Management - Stop Clowning Around

Synchronized Vendor Master Management across your enterprise may seem like a true mission impossible. However, there are a number of tips that you can follow to easily turn your current process into a controlled and an efficient best practice.  If you already have established, agreed upon, internal vendor master management policies and conduct regular audits then you are already there. If not, then with a...

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