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Five Benefits of a Supplier Network

Creating a Supplier Network can be the key to unlocking the highest ROI from your financial automation tools. Nowadays; many organizations are looking for new ways to benefit from their supplier relationship through reduction of costs and prioritizing saving objectives. However, the key to a successful improvement of supplier relationships should not be limited to this financial component. We should also take into consideration improvements of...

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Supplier Onboarding tips best practices

Successful Supplier Onboarding is an important element in your P2P process automation efforts. Supplier Onboarding providers always speak about using the state-of-the-art supplier onboarding tools to gather information from suppliers, but all of the expensive deployments can be in vain if your vendors fail to jump onboard with the new process. In other words, the success of your supplier onboarding projects is directly associated with their willingness...

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EInvoicing Services Providers

EInvoicing Services are great in that you can choose to implement it using your business resources, or an eInvoicing service provider can do all the work for you. It’s always better to use the second option because the implementation of an eInvoicing system can be demanding regarding both time and money. However, selecting a suitable eInvoicing services provider can also be a challenging task. How...

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