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EInvoicing Services Providers

EInvoicing Services are great in that you can choose to implement it using your business resources, or an eInvoicing service provider can do all the work for you. It’s always better to use the second option because the implementation of an eInvoicing system can be demanding regarding both time and money. However, selecting a suitable eInvoicing services provider can also be a challenging task. How...

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5 benefits of einvoicing

It just doesn’t seem right to include only a handful of benefits, when presenting the powerful money saving concept of eInvoicing. This is a necessary compromise to draw attention to the most meaningful benefits, which come in handy for corporate decision makers, who still have second thoughts about it. #1 Digital Invoice Capture. When you get a “traditional” invoice made of paper, you simply know that...

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E-Invoice wrestling

E Invoicing implementations can be quite a complex and demanding process. It asks from your business to involve a respectable number of people in your company, on the one side, and may require your suppliers’ participation, on the other side. Also, you have to successfully integrate different business solutions and systems for eInvoicing to reach your expectations and meet your company’s goals. Here are some...

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eInvoicing Benefits for suppliers e invoicing

E-Invoicing Benefits for Suppliers The e-Invoicing process provides quite a few benefits for your business and company. However, in order for e-Invoicing to be fully successful, the benefits associated with the suppliers shouldn’t be neglected or underestimated. In other words, e-Invoicing isn’t a one-way street. You need to take care about the interests and benefits of other parties involved in your newly implemented eInvoicing system....

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Invoice Idea

Have you ever thought about an Invoicing Portal as the huge money-saver for your business? This may come as a surprise, but an average “traditional” paper-based invoice will cost your company, at least, $30. On the other side, you won’t pay more than $5 to process a single electronic invoice. That’s the first, and definitely not the only and most important reason for the growing popularity...

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