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Suppliers in China

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International Suppliers

China is a very important and attractive market for the US businesses, both big and small.


Today China may not offer the same high profitability and revenues as it did just 5 or more years ago. Back then, according to the survey conducted by the US-China Business Council, 40% of their members said they had experienced 20% or even more of their revenue growth from doing business with/in China.


This opportunity is not only limited to mega companies anymore either. You don’t have to be a large company to start importing from China. Small companies and even sole traders can easily import goods from China using modern technologies and widely available services of consolidated shipments. The problem is, due to things like cultural issues, language barriers and different legal environments doing business in China can ve very dangerous.


To effectively engage with a Chinese Supplier you must know how to conduct proper diligence and have a keen understanding of where to look for fraud and deception. Make no mistake there is fraud in every economy, the US included but like the old adage states: if you Fail to prepare then you must prepare to fail.

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