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Supply Chain Prediction by IDC

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Supply Chain Prediction by IDC

Supply Chain Consulting firm IDC predicted widespread changes to Supply Chain Management in next few years. Each year they provide their vision of what is to come in their annual supply chain prediction article.

It is that time of year again where all consultants and pundits throughout the world come out with their predictions for the upcoming year. The other day IDC came out with their supply chain prediction related to Supply Chain management techniques for Manufacturers.

The common theme across the IDC predictions is that there will be change and technological upgrades to many of the processes. Most of which are looking to add in security and drive down costs.

Here is the list copied directly from the Modern Materials Handeling website. You can follow the link HERE to see the full article.

In random order, the IDC Top 10 Supply Chain Predictions:
● By the end of 2016, the majority of all manufacturers will be actively employing commerce networks in their supply chains to facilitate either demand, supply, or the development of new products.
● By the end of 2018, 25% of manufacturers will have implemented a micro-logistics strategy within part or all of their business to support a more distributed inventory management strategy.
● By 2018, 75% of manufacturers will coordinate enterprise-wide planning activities under the umbrella of rapid integrated business planning.
● By 2019, 50% of manufacturers will have modernized their logistics network to leverage 3D printing, robotics, and cognitive computing to support innovative postponement strategies.
● By the end of 2019, enterprise-wide improvements in resiliency and visibility will have rendered short-term forecasting moot for 50% of all consumer products manufacturers and 25% of all others.
● By the end of 2016, one-third of all manufacturers will be actively integrating their “traditional” supply chain processes with product and network design, manufacturing, and service.

● By the end of 2017, the need for visibility, scalability, and flexibility across the value chain will drive 60% of manufacturers to invest in cloud-based WMS and TMS solutions aligned to their trade partner networks.

● By 2018, 40% of manufacturers will be investing in robotics, autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) and associated systems within their warehousing operations to drive automation into their fulfillment processes.

● By 2018, proliferation of advanced, purpose-built, analytic applications aligned to the Internet of Things (IoT) will result in 15% productivity improvements for manufacturing supply chains.

● By 2020, 50% of the operational jobs in the supply chain will have evolved into “knowledge” roles required to support new technologies like cognitive computing and modern robotics.

IDC also offered the following ‘Supply Chain’ observations:
● Customer engagement and customer service are woven into a number of manufacturer’s priorities and are significant influencers on the supply chain.

● Supply chain modernization must support evolving market requirements, the manufacturers’ need for speed, innovation in processes, products and services, and innovative talent.

● It isn’t enough just to have technology; companies must work to create value from their investments.

● The rapid adoption of IT is changing business and engagement models.

Read the 2014 supply chain predictions to see if your company has kept pace.

The IDC FutureScape is a strategic planning tool designed exclusively for technology professionals in IT buyer organizations. This audience includes CIOs, VPs of engineering and manufacturing, IT directors, IT managers, IT architects, and IT buyers from within business lines and functions. This study identifies the factors that are most significantly involved with their current supply chain predictions for manufacturers.





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