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good internal controls

The company’s management is responsible for establishing the internal controls and the environment in which the controls will operate correctly and efficiently. Balancing the need for good internal controls with the need for efficient operation is one of the most important tasks of senior management. How authority and responsibility are assigned and how the staff is trained will determine whether an internal control system is a...

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Supplier Evaluation Checklist

Supplier evaluation checklist strategies vary from company to company, but in all cases, can be a proactive way to expand your organization’s ability to attract and maintain the right suppliers. Establishing a company-wide methodology to help evaluate suppliers is easier than you think and will contribute to making sure that you avoid mistakes. Mismatches between your expectations and those of your suppliers can cause delays, severe...

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improving business collaboration

Ten tips for improving business collaboration. The power of improving business collaboration has proven itself to be an integral factor in product execution. Business is not an exception from this unwritten rule. Improving collaboration always tends to drive collectives to achieve more and perform better. So, what are the best ways to optimize and improve business collaboration? Ten Tips to Improving Business Collaboration: Set common goals and...

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segregation of duties

What is Segregation of Duties? Segregation of duties, in a nutshell, is a concept where a company places controls on processes when more than one person is responsible for completing a task. A Segregation of Duties control has the primary purpose of strengthening internal processes by preventing potential fraud, errors or unwanted scenarios. It’s also not a mistake to say that the Segregation of Duties represents...

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Supplier Self Help Portals

Supplier Self Help Portals are a simple way to leverage technology to service your supply base. All across the world, people are faced with trying to improve supplier support without increasing resources. It’s definitely not an easy thing when you have increasing demands from suppliers for improved quality support, on the one side, and have limited resources, on the other. It really looks like a...

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AP Help Desk Five reasons

An AP help desk solution can help you manage multiple suppliers and track numerous questions and requests at the same time. Accounts payable departments have a profound and direct impact on the status of your company’s profitability and finances. To maximize efficiency in Accounts Payable, you need to have seamless communication with all your suppliers and internal stakeholders. Depending on the size of your enterprise there may...

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Ten Tips for Encouraging Supplier Innovation

Supplier Innovation is a leading driver of innovation at large enterprises. Nowadays, more and more organizations are reaching to their suppliers to encourage innovation in order to improve their own business models, services, and products that they offer the end customers. Here are some valuable tips to help you maximize the supplier innovation potential for your business. It has been said that innovation is the most...

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Five Benefits of a Supplier Network

Creating a Supplier Network can be the key to unlocking the highest ROI from your financial automation tools. Nowadays; many organizations are looking for new ways to benefit from their supplier relationship through reduction of costs and prioritizing saving objectives. However, the key to a successful improvement of supplier relationships should not be limited to this financial component. We should also take into consideration improvements of...

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Top 10 Vendor Portal Benefits

Vendor Portal Benefits take many forms. Many people do not realize just how integrated a configurable a vendor portal will end up until they bring their team together and start to collect requirements. Also known as a Supplier Portal, they are web-based and genuine vendor management solutions that provide multiple benefits with an excellent opportunity to work and communicate with your vendors in a safe, secure,...

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