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Supply Chain Management Software

Supply Chain Management Software. Recently Bob Trebilcock published an article making sense of some recent Supply Chain management software information. I thought I would publish it, in it's entirety with links back to the source data. The story for the 2015 market for supply chain management (SCM) software, maintenance and services is a tale of two currencies, according to Chad Eschinger, vice president at the research firm Gartner. Measured...

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Supplier Evaluation Checklist

Supplier evaluation checklist strategies vary from company to company, but in all cases, can be a proactive way to expand your organization’s ability to attract and maintain the right suppliers. Establishing a company-wide methodology to help evaluate suppliers is easier than you think and will contribute to making sure that you avoid mistakes. Mismatches between your expectations and those of your suppliers can cause delays, severe...

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Supply Chain Network

What is the best way to define a supply chain network? And, what makes it be so important for logistics, supply, and business managers? In a nutshell, a supply chain network allows us to look at the processes from a big picture. On the other side, it also provides us with a better understanding of materials and information flow. Very often organizations focus primarily on...

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Internal Supplier Data Challenges

Internal Supplier Data management is getting more complex for large enterprises consistently. With data doubling after every 18 months, companies are having to cope with supplier data challenges like managing the scale, security, and quality of the various elements. The rise of global and complex business networks implies that a majority of data will be generated outside the company’s firewall and traditional ERP systems, and...

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Ten Tips for Encouraging Supplier Innovation

Supplier Innovation is a leading driver of innovation at large enterprises. Nowadays, more and more organizations are reaching to their suppliers to encourage innovation in order to improve their own business models, services, and products that they offer the end customers. Here are some valuable tips to help you maximize the supplier innovation potential for your business. It has been said that innovation is the most...

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Five Benefits of a Supplier Network

Creating a Supplier Network can be the key to unlocking the highest ROI from your financial automation tools. Nowadays; many organizations are looking for new ways to benefit from their supplier relationship through reduction of costs and prioritizing saving objectives. However, the key to a successful improvement of supplier relationships should not be limited to this financial component. We should also take into consideration improvements of...

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Basic Tips for Supply Chain Optimization

Basic Tips for Supply Chain Optimization. Keeping a track of your orders from the moment you initially contacted the suppliers through the point of delivery can be quite a challenge for any organization. It comes without saying that creating purchase orders and sharing them with the suppliers from one centralized place directly and efficiency is essential for managing a successful Procure-to-pay operation. There are three central concepts...

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Vendor Master Management - Stop Clowning Around

Synchronized Vendor Master Management across your enterprise may seem like a true mission impossible. However, there are a number of tips that you can follow to easily turn your current process into a controlled and an efficient best practice.  If you already have established, agreed upon, internal vendor master management policies and conduct regular audits then you are already there. If not, then with a...

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EProcurement has fast become a bridge to efficiency in today's corporate environment Electronic procurement, which is better known as the eProcurement, can be defined as the automation of supply and procurement chain processes, with the help of the internet based technologies and applications. eProcurement defined in such a way allows the automation of company’s internal processes while streaming the global procurement requirements and tasks. This is an...

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Invoice Idea

Have you ever thought about an Invoicing Portal as the huge money-saver for your business? This may come as a surprise, but an average “traditional” paper-based invoice will cost your company, at least, $30. On the other side, you won’t pay more than $5 to process a single electronic invoice. That’s the first, and definitely not the only and most important reason for the growing popularity...

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