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Supply Chain Financing

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Letters of credit

Letters of Credit - It can often be challenging for smaller companies to participate in international trade for the first time. There is a host of regulations to weave around and setting up both the terms of the trade and ensuring timely payment are the key to success. There are various methods of making payments like open account, advance payment, documentary credit, etc. These offer varying...

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Purchase Order Financing Finance

Purchase Order financing is gaining popularity as an innovative tool that allows companies to get cash advances from financiers against certain Purchase Orders. This allows the company which might be short on cash to borrow the funds required to purchase supplies required to manufacture goods rather than use their cash. Purchase Order financing differs from factoring or invoice financing in the sense that it provides...

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global supply chain finance

Global Supply Chain Finance has made deep inroads in various parts of the world as a preferred method of funding international buyers and suppliers. The benefits that global supply chain finance offers over conventional methods of supply chain funding have been discussed in articles before (Supply Chain Finance article). Here, we aim to look how Supply Chain Financing is being used internationally by market leaders...

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Vendor side supply chain Financing

A tale of Vendor side Supply Chain Financing. When it comes to Supply Chain financing, there are many options a company can use to collaborate with their suppliers. On one occasion I was lucky enough to see an example where a large manufacturer was able to use their Banking relationship and solid balance sheet to help some of their suppliers finance the large orders. What...

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international Money Transfer Options

Managing an International money transfer can prove to be challenging for some companies doing it for the first time. There are regulations, cost considerations, credit risk, etc. to consider while also ensuring that a trust-based relationship may eventually be established with the trading partner. We have already explored the various methods of making international payments for trade along with their risk profiles and benefits in...

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Reverse Factoring

We recently received a couple of inquiries with respect to Reverse Factoring. Reverse Factoring is a form of receivable financing in trade finance whereby a buyer arranges for financing of invoices raised on him by a supplier. Reverse Factoring is very similar to traditional factoring with the noticeable difference of the buyer being the arranger of the facility rather than the supplier as in traditional factoring. This...

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Factoring supply chain

Factoring is the process of outright sales of a company’s receivables to a third party known as the factor. Factoring transfers the rights and ownership of the asset (receivables) to the factor along with all associated cash flows. The amount paid by the factor is adjusted for a discount factor compared to the value of the receivables. This discount accounts for the time value of money...

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eInvoicing Benefits for suppliers e invoicing

E-Invoicing Benefits for Suppliers The e-Invoicing process provides quite a few benefits for your business and company. However, in order for e-Invoicing to be fully successful, the benefits associated with the suppliers shouldn’t be neglected or underestimated. In other words, e-Invoicing isn’t a one-way street. You need to take care about the interests and benefits of other parties involved in your newly implemented eInvoicing system....

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Purchasing Card

Purchasing Cards or PCards are a popular method used by companies to allow their procurement managers to make payments to suppliers. Purchasing Cards have surged in popularity due the immense reduction in red-tape which they offer and also the reduced time and costs to perform transactions. Many companies now feel comfortable offering amount-restricted cards to relevant employees to make small-ticket purchases on the go. Control methods to...

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International Trade Finance

Breakdown of various types of Supplier Financing, International Trade Payments Payments for international trade can take many forms and various best practices have been recommended and accepted across the globe. However, the following four methods are the most widely used for Supplier Financing depending on comfort between the buyer and sellers, the requirement for immediate cash and even the quantum of the money to be exchanged: Open Account...

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