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Supplier Evaluation Checklist

Supplier evaluation checklist strategies vary from company to company, but in all cases, can be a proactive way to expand your organization’s ability to attract and maintain the right suppliers. Establishing a company-wide methodology to help evaluate suppliers is easier than you think and will contribute to making sure that you avoid mistakes. Mismatches between your expectations and those of your suppliers can cause delays, severe...

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Supplier Onboarding tips best practices

Successful Supplier Onboarding is an important element in your P2P process automation efforts. Supplier Onboarding providers always speak about using the state-of-the-art supplier onboarding tools to gather information from suppliers, but all of the expensive deployments can be in vain if your vendors fail to jump onboard with the new process. In other words, the success of your supplier onboarding projects is directly associated with their willingness...

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supplier adoption

Supplier Adoption - Maximise the ROI of Your eInvoicing Supplier Adoption complications are very typical business scenarios for most on-demand functional system. For months, your company has recognized the need for a new invoicing system. You have interviewed and evaluated all the best systems and thanks to the introduction of your new eInvoicing program; you will be able to automate crucial processes and improve efficiencies...

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enterprise Portal Software

Enterprise portal software is not an easy thing to shop for.  There are so many elements you’re required to consider, including among others reliability, efficiency, long-term costs, and finally the ease of use and further development. Yet, it comes without saying that all organizations regardless of their size or structure share the same goal and that is to maximize business value while reducing both costs...

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Segregation of Duties for Supplier Management

Segregation of Duties for Supplier management is an essential element of any financial internal control concepts. In a nutshell, the Segregation of Duties eventually comes down to simple requirement of not allowing an individual or a small group within an organization to do both sets and evaluate principles and processes that ensure the safety and integrity of supplier information. This can be illustrated in the...

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Vendor Master Management - Stop Clowning Around

Synchronized Vendor Master Management across your enterprise may seem like a true mission impossible. However, there are a number of tips that you can follow to easily turn your current process into a controlled and an efficient best practice.  If you already have established, agreed upon, internal vendor master management policies and conduct regular audits then you are already there. If not, then with a...

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Chinese Suppliers

The topic of possible fraud when dealing with Chinese Suppliers in China deserves special attention. It doesn’t mean that you will inevitably face it, but it is always better to be aware of the dangers that are out there. Businesses that are new to dealing with Chinese Suppliers and those that perform their buying or selling activities in China from a distance, without a real presence...

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