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Supplier Self Help Portals

Supplier Self Help Portals are a simple way to leverage technology to service your supply base. All across the world, people are faced with trying to improve supplier support without increasing resources. It’s definitely not an easy thing when you have increasing demands from suppliers for improved quality support, on the one side, and have limited resources, on the other. It really looks like a...

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Internal Supplier Data Challenges

Internal Supplier Data management is getting more complex for large enterprises consistently. With data doubling after every 18 months, companies are having to cope with supplier data challenges like managing the scale, security, and quality of the various elements. The rise of global and complex business networks implies that a majority of data will be generated outside the company’s firewall and traditional ERP systems, and...

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Data Privacy Vendor Portal

Data Privacy is one of the leading concerns that customers express when setting up a Vendor Portal. Vendor Portals transfer sensitive data from buyers to suppliers and back again. Ultimately, each customer must make some degree of internal risk-reward calculation to determine if the time-money saving benefits of a Vendor Portal will outweigh the data privacy and security concerns that a SaaS tool introduces. Though there...

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supplier database cleansing

Your Supplier Database contains the data that is the foundation of most of you day-to-day purchasing decisions. Regular scrubbing is not only a best practice, but it is a necessary process if you hope to optimize your core enterprise functions. There’s plenty of room for improvements in this field. Without any exaggeration, we can freely claim that almost each and any supplier database comes with duplicates,...

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accurate vendor file

Inaccurate Vendor data is part of an extensive list of corporate initiatives can be rendered unmanageable or even impossible to execute. From procure-to-pay, supplier diversity and tax compliance to strategic sourcing and social responsibility, vendor data touches multiple processes and can have a dramatic impact on priorities throughout an organization. Over the past few year, my team and I  have written numerous articles and White Papers that...

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Bad Supplier Data

Bad supplier data can be at the root of many finances and accounts payable challenges. And there are many ways vendor data can be processed that cause duplicate vendor files to be set up. Consider the various ways that an enterprise can construct the name of their supplier in their ERP system.  The screenshot below how the Lavante Contact solution has located potential duplicate vendors based...

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