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eProcurement Integration Challenges

EProcurement Integration Challenges are everywhere you look when deploying a new system. The number of leading companies, which are realizing and embracing the numerous benefits to using eProcurement technologies and solutions is constantly growing and expanding. However, this new promising option for the impatient business world demands that a successful implementation is executed properly. Some of the problems associated with eProcurement implementation include integration to incompatible platforms...

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The Basics of PO Flip

PO Flip is the new Must-Have procurement portal feature. Just like any other process automation solution, eProcurement has introduced some new terms to offer a more understandable explanation and description for new functions within the process. Without any exaggeration, we can say that one of the most interesting terms to become a part of the eProcurement vocabulary is associated with the ­PO Flip concept. So, what...

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E-Procurement - e procurement Control Your Purchasing

E-Procurement systems provide new controls to the old purchasing systems E-Procurement has drastically changed the way companies manage their global purchasing. The procurement environment has been transformed into a complex and multidisciplinary marketplace with numerous different business players. e-Procurement successfully incorporates many aspects of the modern electronically-based-and-assisted buying process. Also, it includes various helpful services, such as database hosting, eCatalogue management, tender management, and financial transaction on...

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EProcurement has fast become a bridge to efficiency in today's corporate environment Electronic procurement, which is better known as the eProcurement, can be defined as the automation of supply and procurement chain processes, with the help of the internet based technologies and applications. eProcurement defined in such a way allows the automation of company’s internal processes while streaming the global procurement requirements and tasks. This is an...

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