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Letters of credit

Letters of Credit - It can often be challenging for smaller companies to participate in international trade for the first time. There is a host of regulations to weave around and setting up both the terms of the trade and ensuring timely payment are the key to success. There are various methods of making payments like open account, advance payment, documentary credit, etc. These offer varying...

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Vendor Portal Software Load Testing

Vendor Portal Software Load Testing is one of the most critical steps of the cycle of the development. If such action is not performed, all the efforts of the developer can go in vain. Before releasing a software product for public use, it is exceptionally important for the developer to do a load testing and identify the issues. Sometimes, your application may perform perfectly when...

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Vendor Relationships

Vendor relationships can be reliable, and long-lasting but make no mistake; they can take effort. Establishing a partnership, of any kind, always has challenging moments. When it comes to your vendors, this is especially true. 5 Tips for Building Successful Vendor Relationships Vendor Relationships require that two different organizations, sometimes a world apart, put aside their objectives and walk down the thorny road of business, hand-in-hand. Also,...

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supplier adoption

Supplier Adoption - Maximise the ROI of Your eInvoicing Supplier Adoption complications are very typical business scenarios for most on-demand functional system. For months, your company has recognized the need for a new invoicing system. You have interviewed and evaluated all the best systems and thanks to the introduction of your new eInvoicing program; you will be able to automate crucial processes and improve efficiencies...

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enterprise Portal Software

Enterprise portal software is not an easy thing to shop for.  There are so many elements you’re required to consider, including among others reliability, efficiency, long-term costs, and finally the ease of use and further development. Yet, it comes without saying that all organizations regardless of their size or structure share the same goal and that is to maximize business value while reducing both costs...

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Supplier self service portals

Supplier Self Service portals are a best practice enablement tool that can improve the performance of your eProcurement, and eInvoicing systems, but did you know they are good for suppliers as well? Supplier self service portals, long seen as a pivotal piece of your internal supplier satisfaction strategy are now being recognised for the major benefits that are seen be the companies that make up your supply chain. A...

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Segregation of Duties for Supplier Management

Segregation of Duties for Supplier management is an essential element of any financial internal control concepts. In a nutshell, the Segregation of Duties eventually comes down to simple requirement of not allowing an individual or a small group within an organization to do both sets and evaluate principles and processes that ensure the safety and integrity of supplier information. This can be illustrated in the...

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EInvoicing Services Providers

EInvoicing Services are great in that you can choose to implement it using your business resources, or an eInvoicing service provider can do all the work for you. It’s always better to use the second option because the implementation of an eInvoicing system can be demanding regarding both time and money. However, selecting a suitable eInvoicing services provider can also be a challenging task. How...

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Vendor Master Management Tips

7 Vendor Master Management Success Tips Vendor Master Management strategies are what makes it possible for you to create a strong and mutually beneficial relationships with your service providers and suppliers. That’s why it’s completely wrong and unjust to say that vendor management is nothing more than a couple of negotiations aiming to win the lowest price possible for your business. Vendor master management offers so...

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Supplier Knowledgebase Tips

Supplier Knowledgebase solutions are becoming more important these days as we continue to expand the diversity of our Supplier base. When it comes to improving your Supply Management efficiency, a supplier self-help knowledgebase can turn out to be a surprisingly powerful ally. In addition, it’s not an exaggeration to say that a self-help knowledge base portal is a must have for any supplier-oriented initiative or...

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