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Cloud Based Vendor Portals

Cloud Based Vendor Portals are a highly in demand product these days. There are actually a plethora of choices when it comes to this particular type of software making it somewhat challenging for individuals to decide which one to choose. You can choose to buy through licensed purchase or through SaaS. However, you still need to weigh your options and understand the advantages and disadvantaged tied...

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AP Help Desk Five reasons

An AP help desk solution can help you manage multiple suppliers and track numerous questions and requests at the same time. Accounts payable departments have a profound and direct impact on the status of your company’s profitability and finances. To maximize efficiency in Accounts Payable, you need to have seamless communication with all your suppliers and internal stakeholders. Depending on the size of your enterprise there may...

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SaaS Based Supplier Portal Software Requirements - The Bakers Dozen

SaaS Based Supplier Portal Software Requirements. Almost all the modern businesses around the world pay significant attention to SaaS based supplier portal software solutions. In fact, when used correctly,  supplier portal software is capable of delivering enormous productivity. However, if a particular business or an organization intends to utilize such a system, it is compulsory for them to have a good awareness of IT. With such...

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Supply Chain Network

What is the best way to define a supply chain network? And, what makes it be so important for logistics, supply, and business managers? In a nutshell, a supply chain network allows us to look at the processes from a big picture. On the other side, it also provides us with a better understanding of materials and information flow. Very often organizations focus primarily on...

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Supplier Benefits of Vendor Portals

Supplier Benefits of Vendor Portals are an important factor in determining which portal provider you should choose. If your company is like most enterprises, you have a large supplier base. Typically, your suppliers range from gigantic fortune 500 companies down to small Mom-and-Pops. Understanding that many of the smaller firms that you work with might not be as computer savvy as the larger firms, they may...

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aaS Security Standards

Saas Security Standards - Software as a service Practically, if a particular business application is operated (hosted) from a remote location, typically outside the perimeter of the company, the potential for security threats maximizes. To minimize these risks, clients should see if their SaaS providers meet the SaaS security standards. To assure a secured environment for the application to perform smoothly under Software as a...

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Vendor Portal Systems v ERP Upgrades

Vendor Portal Systems are fast becoming a high priority within large enterprises. In 2014, Deloitte put out their Global CPO Survey annual survey where they claimed that 65%procurement leaders endeavored to invest in a Vendor Portal system rather than upgrade their ERP. Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP can be defined as a particular kind of business management system with the primary goal of improving both the performance...

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Internal Supplier Data Challenges

Internal Supplier Data management is getting more complex for large enterprises consistently. With data doubling after every 18 months, companies are having to cope with supplier data challenges like managing the scale, security, and quality of the various elements. The rise of global and complex business networks implies that a majority of data will be generated outside the company’s firewall and traditional ERP systems, and...

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master vendor file clean up

Master Vendor File clean up is a challenging process for companies large and small. Here’s a very common scenario for many companies. An active and respected vendor has their contract expire, and they no longer do business with your company. The good news is that while they were active, you were able to collect all of the necessary “Know You Supplier” documents and data elements. You...

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Ten Tips for Encouraging Supplier Innovation

Supplier Innovation is a leading driver of innovation at large enterprises. Nowadays, more and more organizations are reaching to their suppliers to encourage innovation in order to improve their own business models, services, and products that they offer the end customers. Here are some valuable tips to help you maximize the supplier innovation potential for your business. It has been said that innovation is the most...

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