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Vendor Portals can provide structure The great thing about vendor portals is that they’re bringing order and structure into an overwhelming chaos of numerous suppliers and literally unlimited data flow, which needs to be processed almost instantly. A vendor portal allows you to achieve the full automatization and the organization of your supply and financial processes. Without it, you’ll be forced to do all of this...

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Unclaimed Property Escheatment

Escheatment laws and process in California Do you know that nearly 32.5 million individuals have unclaimed property worth over $8 billion in the State of California? If you have not checked, you are strongly recommended to do as the state could owe you your unclaimed property and assets. The State of California attains unclaimed property, through the Unclaimed Property law, which bounds business associations, banks, insurance companies...

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California Escheatment

Unclaimed property funds, what you need to know about? Unclaimed property funds, as per state laws are owned by the state government when remained unclaimed for at least 3 to 5 years. However, escheatment is a complex topic that requires great detail of knowledge to know how exactly the system works. This may sound as unbelievable, but the fact is that the federal state owns hundreds...

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Bad Supplier Data

Bad supplier data can be at the root of many finances and accounts payable challenges. And there are many ways vendor data can be processed that cause duplicate vendor files to be set up. Consider the various ways that an enterprise can construct the name of their supplier in their ERP system.  The screenshot below how the Lavante Contact solution has located potential duplicate vendors based...

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Escheatment All banks and financial institutions in the US are bound by state laws to safeguard their clients’ assets including time deposits, checks, checking accounts and savings accounts. In the event of a client’s death, the bank/institution is to return in utmost honesty, the assets to the deceased’s heirs. When a property is left abandoned for as long as 5 years, all financial firms are required by...

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