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human in the loop data extractors

Human in the loop (HITL), data extraction techniques, have been around since the first introduction of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.  Originally, HITL processes were seen as a series of quality checks or validations to make sure the OCR tools collected data properly. These days Machine learning is becoming more and more mainstream, and the role of the human within the data extraction process is...

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Extracting Unstructured Data for Machine Learning in Business

Extracting Unstructured Data for Machine Learning in Business Unstructured data is a term used to describe the collection of data that is not organized in any pre-defined format or a database. Unstructured data is usually created with the intention of direct human consumption; it can include email conversation, conversation transcriptions, audio files, photos, web pages, pdfs and old-fashioned paper documents. It is estimated that over 80%...

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authority levels in accounts payable systems

Authority Levels in Accounts Payable Systems One of the most important controls to be established in an accounts payable system is authority levels, or “who is authorized to do what” within the system.  When we discuss accounts payable systems, we need to discuss all the systems that lead to the ultimate job function of accounts payable, that is, disbursing funds.   The first thing that happens in this...

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What is a profit recovery audit

A profit recovery audit firm will do a rigorous review of a company’s disbursements to find funds that may be due back to the enterprise because of duplicate payments, overpayments, or failure to take credits or other deductions. The volume and complexity of most of today’s transactions make this kind of analysis and profit recovery very valuable and for large companies, almost mandatory....

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Enterprise Portal Software

It's not an easy thing acquiring an enterprise portal software. There are so many elements you’re required to consider, including among others, reliability, efficiency, long-term costs, and finally the ease of use and further development. Here are 5 Tips to keep in mind when selecting an Enterprise Portal Software System....

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good internal controls

The company’s management is responsible for establishing the internal controls and the environment in which the controls will operate correctly and efficiently. Balancing the need for good internal controls with the need for efficient operation is one of the most important tasks of senior management. How authority and responsibility are assigned and how the staff is trained will determine whether an internal control system is a...

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Supply Chain Management Software

Supply Chain Management Software. Recently Bob Trebilcock published an article making sense of some recent Supply Chain management software information. I thought I would publish it, in it's entirety with links back to the source data. The story for the 2015 market for supply chain management (SCM) software, maintenance and services is a tale of two currencies, according to Chad Eschinger, vice president at the research firm Gartner. Measured...

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Wells Fargo

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Wells Fargo Announces Supply Chain Finance Group I saw this news story about Wells Fargo creating a Supply Chain Finance group in North America. Though I think it will take a while for any meaningful new products or services to emerge from this group I think we will see some meaningful partnerships arise in the short run. In the It looks like this is a solid step for Wells to consolidate...

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